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Glottal Enterprises, Inc.

1201 E. Fayette St. Syracuse, NY 13210 Tel: 315-422-1213

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... measurement of vocal fold vibration The Glottal Enterprises electroglottographs produce very low-noise EGG electroglottograph waveforms and have the features most requested by ...


... 422 1213 System Components EG2-PCX2 Two-channel electroglottograph with microphone input and preamplifier, and simultaneous EGG/ ... an EG2-PCX . The PhaseComp program for processing electroglottograph (EGG) signals can perform a number of important ...


... voice ailments. For example, the EG2-PCX2, an Electroglottograph, may be used to ________. While often used by ...

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Glottal Enterprises helps speech, voice, and singing research community with proven voice and speech measurement ...