LoganTech, the makers of the ProxTalker, has grown to a family of amazing devices and products that fill a void where mid-range technology didn't exist. We also have Braille devices, keyguards, wheelchair mounts, eyegazes, iPad solutions and packages, tactile kits, and an endless array of accessories too!

Some of our most popular devices...

• Logan ProxTalker communication device - our flagship device developed by Glen Dobbs our CEO for his son Logan who has autism, which offers the combination of a movable tangible icon with auditory reinforcement, a perfect combination for those who are tactile learners and in need of sensory feedback.

• Logan ProxPAD choice maker – supporting communication for those who have more physical and visual limitations, which opens up the ability to easily say multiple words. The ProxPAD can even be mounted under a table or wheel chair tray! Tags can be read right through the surface.

• 6 Dot Braille Label Maker – first of new breed of portable, electronic Braille labelers with a built in Braille keyboard. There’s no limit to how many labels you can make. Think of it as your personal label maker to accompany your everyday tasks.

• 6dot BrailleCoach teaching device – encouraging easy learning of Braille. This device provides auditory reinforcement to Braille words., linking a voice output to a tangible item, Braille words, or letters makes teaching and learning Braille easy and efficient.