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Since 1995, Atos Medical has been offering our laryngectomee patients high quality Provox® products and services to the US market. We continued to expand these products in 1997 by bringing you new technologies in voice restoration and pulmonary rehabilitation with the Provox Voice Prosthesis line and Provox HME Cassettes.

In response to an ever increasing demand in the US for Provox products, Atos Medical Inc., a subsidary of our Swedish parent company Atos Medical AB, was formed in January of 2000 to better service our American market. The US headquarters is now located in the midwestern region of Milwaukee, WI. Expansion of our products continued to grow with the introduction of the long-lasting ActiValve® patient managed NiD Voice Prostheses in 2005. In 2002 Atos Medical expanded their product focus area to include the TheraBite Jaw Motion rehabilitation System for mandibular hypomobility and trismus.

Like our parent company, Atos Medical Inc. strives to be a trustworthy partner in the lives of our patients and the clinicians who treat them. We are proud to be known as a company with high quality products supported by a wealth of clinical evidence and thorough research. These activities allow us to be well connected to key clinics and clinicians throughout the world. This connection along with our innovative production methods, have led to a reliable and consistent product line that continues to grow and provide advancements in voice prostheses, baseplates and HMEs.

Atos Medical will continue to work hard to provide our patients with the highest quality of life possible.