Intelligent Hearing Systems (IHS) has dedicated more than 30 years developing and refining cost-effective methods for hearing evaluation. We offer a variety of product platforms to meet both clinical and research requirements. Our unsurpassed customer service and innovative, integrated systems are the Smart Choice for complete screening and diagnostic testing using evoked potentials (ECochG, ABR, cVEMP, oVEMP, MLR, LLR, P300, ASSR, cABR, ENoG, VEP), otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE, TEOAE, SOAE), and visual reinforcement audiometry techniques.

Our sleek, portable, and versatile Duet platform is the ideal tool for recording ABR & OAE in the clinic. The Duet is lightweight (less than 4 lbs), fits perfectly under a 15in laptop, and features built-in isolation and shielding. The Duet’s stellar performance comes from our next generation bio-amplifier for superior data quality. The Duet outputs cleaner, high definition, more robust responses with increased signal to noise ratios, and Lower residual noise resulting in reduced test times without compromising data quality.

We have recently made some exciting changes to the IHS software family. Our fresh new interface includes a simplified control panel, streamlined menus, and easy-access buttons, as well as must-have features for SmartEP.

We are excited to introduce the new & improved SmartVEMP, the only device cleared for oVEMP and cVEMP testing on patients of all ages. SmartVEMP features integrated EMG monitoring and improved bio-feedback options, including animated videos for pediatric testing.