Speedy Speech Therapy is an evidence based, data-driven decision making program. The Speedy Speech Program has 350+ COLORFUL picture cards in near phonemic consistency AND the word, phrase and sentence [IFM order] on the SAME page. It comes with a (one minute) log sheet, teacher and parent letters, everything needed to complete artic and language lessons. The mass drill program was designed and developed based on the data showing less time but more frequent contact significantly cuts therapy time. All this saves HOURS of prep time. Adult clients like the pictures as much as the kids. Adults also understand the design and like the shorter drill-like approach. It is proving to be GREAT for RTI (teachers) as well as SLPs for articulation and language skills. ESL teachers and students like the vocabulary words and hearing the intonation/phrasing on the apps!

Go to iTunes - IPADS ONLY for the released R, S, and L apps.


Two years ago I found my 30 minute articulation sessions were becoming 10-15 minutes because of the inability to schedule students at a time that wasn't disruptive to their academic instruction. Although the sessions were starting to look like "Speedy Speech", I was still using my traditional format (students coming to my room, work sheets, games, separate materials for homework, etc.)...and I didn't feel I was getting very good results. When I saw this packaged program I decided to try the /s/ program. I have to say....I LOVE it!. I can go classroom to classroom and sit outside the class (without carrying a million materials). Scheduling is so much easier because it's much easier to find 5-10 minutes than 30. The color pictures are much more engaging than the photocopies, and they can move through the different levels quickly. The letters and calendars are great to send home also. This program has made my student contact time much more effective and I'm already seeing a difference in the results. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because I wish it came with a CD to print pages to send home for practice.


I recently started using Speedy Speech as a part of my District's RtI initiative. The program provides forms, therapy materials and reinforcements for student participation. Speedy Speech has helped me remediate articulations faster than traditional therapy.


We implemented use of this program last year in a k-4 school with tremendous results, and this year we have started to use it for RTI. Teachers love the service delivery model- kids step out of the classroom for 5 minutes instead of missing 20 minutes of a class. Parents love the fact that their child is getting individualized therapy and not missing class. Our students like working with the therapist more often and for shorter sessions. Our students have been much more consistent with completion of homework activities since they see us more often during the week. Data collection is simple and quick. Very minimal to zero prep time. I would highly recommend implementation of this program.


Our district has incorporated the Speedy Speech Program for grades K-6. This is a much more efficient service delivery model! The children are progressing so quickly on their goals!


We have established the Speedy Speech program in all 3 of our elementary schools which are grades K-4 and our middle school which is grades 5-6. Progress has been much more rapid with many students finally being dismissed from articulation therapy. All of our speech pathologists have been raving about the program and highly recommend it!