e3 Diagnostics is a nationwide team of local experienced experts, working in the field of instrumentation for years. Our experience, both local and nationwide, allows us to set the standard for the highest level of expertise in our field. We are a committed team of experts driven by our desire to apply our many years of experience and knowledge to assist you.

In different regions, we operate under different names. We are the people you already know and have trusted for many years.

We strongly believe you should have a choice, and we know how the small details make a difference to you! Since we have worked with you over the years, our experts have a deep understanding of you and your needs.

No matter what, we will support you throughout the entire process - from purchase to installation and training, to maintenance and repair.

e3 Diagnostics is based on three cornerstones: expertise, excellence and everyday. These three e’s are the fundamental basis of our name, e3.

If you have questions regarding equipment, we can help you find the right equipment for your needs. With more than 160 products to choose from: audiometers, tympanometers, to hearing aid fitting systems, e3 Diagnostics has everything you can ever dream of. If your equipment is not working, we can repair it, often onsite, without excessive down time. However, calibration is our special expertise; we have our exclusive Master-Cal System for precise calibration to the highest national standard, and can provide full documentation that meets national requirements.