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We at Passy-Muir, Inc. believe that communication is the essence of the human spirit; it is essential to individual rights and dignity. We are committed in our efforts to offer tracheostomized and ventilator dependent patients a step towards independence and dignity through speech.

Product Showcase

Family of Passy-Muir® Valves

Family of Passy-Muir® Valves

The Passy-Muir Tracheostomy and Ventilator Swallowing & Speaking Valve is the only patented bias closed position “no leak” valve designed to fit adult and pediatric tracheostomy tubes. The valve opens easily during inspiration, closes automatically at the end of inspiration and then redirects all exhaled air through the oronasopharynx, providing clear uninterrupted speech.

The Passy-Muir Valve restores a closed respiratory system which research has validated improves swallowing, may reduce aspiration, facilitates secretion management, and reduces weaning and decannulation time. The Passy-Muir Valve (with the exception of the PMV 2020) can be used interchangeably on and off the ventilator. The PMV 2020 (clear) is the only tracheostomy speaking valve that attaches to the Pilling Weck or Premier Medical metal Jackson Improved tracheostomy tubes (sizes 4-6 or equivalent.)

Free CEU opportunities (webinars), educational materials, and streaming videos are available on the website, For clinical support call 800-634-5397
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