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Welcome to Discovery!

DISCOVERY HEARING AID WARRANTIES is America's most complete, full-service hearing aid warranty company. Discovery offers three types of hearing aid warranties to cover loss, damage or component failure and makes them available through a network of hearing aid dispensers throughout the United States.

The warranties are designed to complement manufacturer's warranties or continue coverage after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Such warranty coverage is especially important today as the costs of hearing aids continue to increase. These cost increases reflect the phenomenal developments in technology. They also make it increasingly important to have a "safety net" for unexpected loss or damage to the aids. Consumers are eager to protect the significant investment they have made in better hearing and a warranty provides just such protection.

A warranty also takes the guesswork out of what it will cost if something goes wrong with the aid when the warranty is in effect.


Discovery stands alone in providing warranties on all makes and models of hearing aids. Loss, Damage and Component Failure coverage is available on any aid under eight years old. Along with coverage on all types of hearing instruments, and Neuromonics devices, Discovery also provides warranty coverage on processors for bone anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants as well as Logicom FM Receivers for cochlear implants.

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