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InHealth Technologies, the market leader in surgical voice restoration products, proudly offers Blom-Singer® Tracheoesophageal Voice Restoration products.

Drs. Eric Blom and Mark Singer pioneered the tracheoesophageal puncture technique and prosthesis over 30 years ago. Their ground-breaking procedures, refinement of clinical techniques, and continued development of innovative new devices have enabled thousands of people who have lost their voices because of cancer to have their speech restored.

Blom-Singer voice prostheses are available as patient-changeable (Duckbill, Low Pressure) or clinician-placed (Indwelling). Standard products are designed to accommodate most anatomies.

The Blom-Singer Rapid Response Special Order Voice Prosthesis Program offers solutions to meet unique anatomical needs. Options include:

Special Length for comfort and a more precise TE puncture fit.

Large Esophageal Flange that provides a “seal” to help manage leakage around a voice prosthesis.

Large Esophageal and Tracheal Flanges that provide a “double seal” in patients with significantly enlarged puncture tracts and “tear-drop” or irregularly shaped punctures.

Increased Resistance that opens less easily for patients in whom conventional voice prostheses open intermittently with fluctuations in esophageal pressures resulting in air ingestion and/or leakage.

TEP Occluder with the valve permanently sealed closed.

The patented Blom-Singer Gel Cap Insertion System provides an optional method for easy insertion of the Blom-Singer voice prosthesis into the tracheoesophageal passage.

InHealth Technologies offers the largest selection of voice prostheses in the industry, professional equipment, digital speech aids, voice amplification equipment, hands-free speech valves, heat and moisture exchange systems, laryngectomy tubes, stoma protection, and accessories.