Global Speech Therapy Direct, LLC distributes products for speech language pathologists, pediatric occupational therapists, special education teachers, parents, and caregivers. Our product line serves children and adults with impaired function related to dysphagia, aphasia, cognitive rehabilitation, head injury, developmental speech language, autism, sensory motor disorders, and stuttering.

Products range from the ever popular Chewy Tubes and ARK Grabbers ®, to the Language Activities Resource Kit-Second Edition (LARK-2).

Our product categories include:

● Talk Tools
● Dining Aids
● Dysphagia Tests & Management
● Aphasia & Language Rehab
● Cognitive Rehab & Head Injury
● Developmental Speech Language
● Fluency & Voice Disorders
● Sensory Motor & Autism
● Occupational Therapy
● Discovery Toys & Puzzles
● Whistles & Blow Toys
● Augmentative Communication
● Assisted Listening
● Clearance Items

Global Speech Therapy Direct, LLC processes online orders, as well as purchase orders from schools, hospitals, and related health care facilities across the USA.

To receive a Pro Forma for International orders, write us at the following email address:


Kim at Global Speech Therapy Direct has been very helpful with my orders and shipped them out quickly. I highly recommend them for speech therapy tools and dysphagia supplies.