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172 page Dyslexia Assessment

Stephanie M. Nixon is the new president of Nixon Education Services Inc. She has earned her earned 3 degrees in Speech and Communications: B.S. from North Texas University; M.S. from Arizona State University, and Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh. She has done extensive research in the area of phonology and literacy and is now a speech-language pathologist.

Debby studied extensively in the areas of early literacy, dyslexia, learning disabilities, ESOL, reading, spelling, and phonology.

After teaching in the classroom for twelve years, Debby developed literacy programs and products while working at the education service centers in the Houston area. Debby is an all level reading specialist with kindergarten, ESL, learning disabilities and dyslexia areas of specialization. She also assisted in the creation of Earobics Literacy Launch as Director of General Education Curriculum Development for Cognitive Concepts.

Some of Debby's programs included:

The Dyslexia Intervention Program
The Spelling Improvement Program
The Handwriting Improvement Program
The Written Expression Improvement Program
Multisensory Direct Instruction of Language for Grades 1-3
Direct Instruction of Language and Literature for Grades 3 and above
Multisensory Language Arts in Kindergarten
Dysgraphia Assessment
Dyslexia Assessment

Debby has since passed away in February of 2013.