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Swallowing / Dysphagia


The Provale Cup®: The Provale Cup is a limited flow drinking device for delivering thin liquids to patients with dysphagia. The Cup delivers small swallows of thin liquids with every normal drinking motion. For those patients who, through a modified barium swallow test, can successfully swallow 5cc of thin liquids, the Cup may eliminate the need for thickened liquids.

“Before you thicken it, consider sippin it." The Provale Cup® is now being used by many long term care facilities, hospitals and home care across the country. Many of our clients are using the Cup instead of thickened liquids. This has often resulted in increased patient independence and improved satisfaction in achieving their hydration and nutritional needs.

Cost benefits: Depending on what you are paying for pre thickened liquids, the Provale Cup® can provide a $675 to $800 cost savings per patient per year when compared to the cost of pre thickened liquids. Additionally patients are often more independent and satisfied.

Product Features: Provale Cups® have an 8 oz fill volume and are available in two delivery sizes, the 5cc (one teaspoon) and 10cc (two teaspoons). For safety purposes the cups are coded blue for the 5cc and brown for the 10cc.

The Provale® Cup was developed over a two-year period with the input of more than 500 speech-language pathologists. The first product, the 5cc cup was introduced at the 2002 ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) and has been utilized by a number of the leading dysphagia clinical thought leaders in the US and numerous speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists. Both groups have been excited about using the product.

The advantages of the Provale® Cup are:

- Only a small bolus of liquid (5cc, a teaspoon or 10cc, two teaspoons) is delivered with every drinking attempt

- These smaller boluses can be better accommodated by patients with drinking disorders and may lead to less aspiration

- The device can be used independently by patients with less supervision of a caregiver

- The device offers clinical, financial and competitive advantages to current thickener products

- The use (and cost) of thickening agents can be decreased by as much at $675 to $800 per patient per year