At Sunshine Cottage, children with hearing loss become part of a community centered on enriching lives and improving listening, language and speech. Every child is embraced by our dedicated staff and provided with the necessary skills to learn in a rich auditory-oral environment. All children and their families benefit from the outstanding educational environment and strong support system spanning their Sunshine Cottage experience

Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children promotes early identification and intervention of hearing impairment and provides learning in a rich auditory-oral environment so that children with hearing loss can develop to their maximum potential through listening, language and speech.

Core Beliefs
♦ We believe that children who are deaf or hard of hearing can learn to listen and talk if early identification, amplification, and interventiontake place.
♦ We believe that all children can learn in a stimulating environment led and encouraged by educated, dedicated teaching staff.
♦ We believe that optimal educational needs can be met for all Sunshine Cottage students through self-contained and mainstream classes.
♦ We believe that the participation of parents and their partnership with the school are critical to the success of the child.