For 150 years, Clarke has taught children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk. Children served by Clarke use advanced technologies, including cochlear implants and hearing aids, to maximize their access to sound. We work with children and their families from infancy through their teen years. Our teachers of the deaf, audiologists and speech pathologists have the background, training and experience to prepare children academically and socially for a world of limitless possibilities. Clarke children listen and learn in the classroom, run and laugh with their friends on the playground, and have lives filled with music, sports, family and community. Most children who come to Clarke are ready to attend their neighborhood mainstream schools by kindergarten.

Clarke's continuum of services includes Infant-Toddler Programs, Teleservices for Infants and Families (tVISIT), Preschool Programs, K-8 Program, Mainstream Services, Clarke Hearing Center, Comprehensive Educational Evaluations, Professional Development Offerings and Summer Programs.