DuBard School for Language Disorders at Southern Miss

The University of Southern Mississippi
118 College Drive #5215
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001


The DuBard School for Language Disorders, home of the DuBard Association Method®, has been successfully utilizing the DuBard Association Method® for over 50 years. The Method is designed to serve children with severe language-speech disorders and hearing impairments, as well as those with the written language disorder of dyslexia.

The DuBard Association Method® is a phonetic, multisensory teaching-learning strategy that is implemented in an incremental, systematic and cumulative manner. Instruction progresses from the teaching of individual sounds to syllables, words of gradually increasing length, basic sentences and questions, and more advanced sentence structures and corresponding questions. The Association Method was devised originally by the late Mildred McGinnis at the Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis. It has been modified, expanded and revised by the late Dr. Etoile DuBard and the staff of the DuBard School for Language Disorders.

The DuBard School for Language Disorders at The University of Southern Mississippi’s professional development program offers an array of professional development opportunities, including a master’s degree in dyslexia therapy. The DuBard School is an ASHA-approved continuing education provider, and the professional development program is accredited by the IDA and IMSLEC. Approximately 150 professional and university students are trained in the DuBard Association Method® each year. Additional courses not specific to DuBard Association Method® are also available throughout the year.