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Micromedical specializes in turnkey Balance Center and Fall Prevention Clinic instrumentation for the assessment and rehabilitation patients complaining of dizziness and equilibrium problems. For more than 20 years, Micromedical has been an industry leader in providing equipment to clinicians and researchers whose patient populations include individuals with BPPV, neurologic disorders, traumatic brain injury or individuals who are pursuing vestibular and balance enhancement.

Product Showcase

VNG - VisualEyes™

VNG - VisualEyes™

VisualEyes™ is the assessment tool of choice to IDENTIFY abnormalities within the VESTIBULAR system. Objectively document abnormal eye movements caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI); Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo(BPPV); Labrynthitis and many other peripheral and neurological pathologies.
The VisualEyes™ FireWire Binocular VNG system has been designed for enhanced patient comfort and simplified use. Using one button click in our Spectrum software, the two eye images can be located and centered for optimized tracking. The VisualEyes™ system can be operated using the RF remote, giving the tester additional freedom to be next to the patient rather than the computer during testing.

The VisualEyes™ video nystagmography system is available in both Laptop and Tower PC configurations.
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