In an effort to come up with an innovative group idea, I decided to bring my passion for classic movie musicals and my job together. This guidebook came from that passion.
By ordering this book for yourself, or your department, you too, have taken the challenge to bring innovation to a favorite pastime, while having fun along the way. Enjoy!

Movies and Music: A Clinicians Guide to the Classic Movie Musical and Group Activity is a professional guidebook that walks you through how to utilize 12 classic movie musicals to promote communication in your clients.

Turn watching a movie into a great interactive event that will have your clients laughing, talking, reminiscing and dancing in their seats.

Foster increased communication, use of language, pragmatic skills, conversation and long-term memory.

If you are looking for an activity that allows you to grab it off the shelf and go with it, this is for you!

The Movies and Music Guidebook will provide you with an entire year of programming for one low price.

What Clinicians Are Saying:

I highly recommend Movies and Music to any clinician working with individuals with mild to severe communication deficits.... I look forward to being able to include this in my future plan of care at my facility.
Jane Fitzgerald House, M.S., CCC-SLP

Assessment of the group dynamics indicated increased motivation interest and curiosity which resulted in increased expressive language skills. Group participants stated it was fun and interesting.
Lisa Mathers, M.S., CCC-SLP

For those clinicians working with adults with language/cognitive impairments, I highly recommend Movies and Music as an easy way to stimulate language, recall and group interaction in a highly enjoyable format.
Lisa Yauch-Cadden, M.S., CCC-SLP

The Movies and Music program has easy to follow instructions and prompts of specified questions designed to highlight specifics in the movie to trigger long-term memory and conversation. The residents were eager to share their thoughts. While enjoying a movie communication, interaction and cognitive stimulation were the targeted result. I would recommend this program to Activity Directors and other professionals whose goal is to provide cognitive stimulation in a fun small group setting.
Angela DeMattie, ADC