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The Valt clinical skills video recording solution from IVS is a turnkey server and software video appliance that integrates with standard IP camera technology. Multiple treatment rooms can be viewed and recorded simultaneously. All data is routed to a central server (we have video appliances capable of managing up to 50 cameras on a single platform). This eliminates the need of placing bulky and redundant recording systems throughout the university or clinic and provides users with a more reliable system by eliminating failure points. Check out our Speech Therapy page for more information.

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Video Recording & Observation System for Speech Therapy Training

Video Recording & Observation System for Speech Therapy Training

Clinical skills training is an essential part of many clinical educational programs. Students learn at a faster rate as instructors are able to provide better coaching and analysis of the work and are able to view “best use” examples from the video library. The IVS Valt solution incorporates the latest technologies in video observation and capture, making it attractive to students who are seeking out programs that have access to the best technology. read more