Intelligent Hearing Systems has dedicated over 30 years to developing and refining cost-effective methods for hearing evaluation. The systems allow for screening and diagnostic testing using Evoked Potentials, Otoacoustic Emissions, Audiometry (SmartAudiometer), and Intelligent Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (IVRA) techniques.

SmartEP is a full-diagnostic auditory EP system that provides full control over all acquisition parameters and allows different stimuli to be used during testing. The system allows for EcochG, ABR, eABR, ASSR, MLR, LLR, and P300.

SmartEP-ASSR takes the guesswork out of audiometric evaluation by providing threshold detection with statistical analysis for easy diagnosis.

The SmartOAE system provides the user with frequency-specific information about the function of the outer hair cells within the cochlea.

SmartScreener-Plus 2 is the most cost effective, complete, and easy-to-use infant hearing screener. The system offers you a choice of automated ABR screening, OAE screening, or both. The device is simple to operate and does not require special technical skills or interpretation of results by the device operator.

For quality, flexibility, and simplicity turn to IHS. Many options, One Smart System.