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Welcome to APP2Speak™: An Augmentative and Alternative Communication Application

APP2Speak™ helps reduce frustration by assisting adults who cannot rely on speech as a means for communication in this easy-to-use Augmentative and Alternative Communication software application for the iPad.

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APP2Speak™ includes real-life photos and voice output.

Preset pages consist of 20 photos on each page. Options include; picture size, voice, turn photos off/on and move pictures. A separate page for instant text to speech is located on the Help page by touching the "?".

Custom pages are unlimited and provides the user an opportunity to individualize their communication style.

Personalize using your own photos or take a picture within APP2Speak™, add words, phrases, stories etc. and select text to speech or record your own voice.

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APP2Speak™ is a speech impairment solution for those who have lost their ability to speak.
APP2Speak™ is a communication software application for adults with speech impairments resulting from a stroke, progressive neurological diseases, dementia, brain injury and other disorders affecting speech and communication.
APP2Speak™ is an easy-to-use, interactive and fully customizable speech output application currently available for the iPad. It is a cost-effective solution for expressing wants and needs essential to daily living and the enjoyment of relationships with loved ones and friends.
Preset pages contain real life photos to assist speech-impaired individuals to easily communicate immediate wants and needs by selecting a photo with speech output for a word or a phrase. The text-to-speech page is another option for quick communication. The endless custom pages provide personalized communication; you can take a picture within APP2Speak™ or use a photo from your library. Find your voice with APP2Speak™ !
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