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The Hanen Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organization committed to helping speech-language pathologists work effectively with parents and educators. We take the latest research in early language intervention and translate it into practical, immediately usable tools and strategies for achieving the best possible social, language and literacy outcomes for young children.

Certification (entry-level) Workshops

It Takes Two to Talk® – Learn how to facilitate parents' involvement in their child's early language intervention through teaching, coaching and scaffolding so that they can effectively apply the learning to everyday interactions with their child. 2.2 CEUs

More Than Words® – Learn how to involve parents of children with autism to facilitate their child’s social and communication skills in everyday contexts, fulfilling the key criteria for effective early intervention for these children. 2.25 CEUs

Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop – Learn how to provide outstanding in-service education that gives child care providers and preschool teachers the skills to facilitate children’s social, language and literacy development in early childhood settings. 2.6 CEUs


These 2 hour online training sessions offer immediately usable tools and strategies for promoting children’s early language and literacy development in natural contexts and sharing responsive interaction strategies effectively with parents and educators. 0.2 CEUs

Highlights include:
• Helping Parents of Late Talkers Use Gestures to Support Expressive Language Development
• Teaching Tuning In: Practical Strategies to Promote Theory of Mind for Verbal Children with Autism
• I’m Ready: Coaching Parents to Prepare Their Preschooler for Literacy Success


Language delay:

It Takes Two to Talk® guidebook and DVD — For parents of children with language delays (birth – 5), the It Takes Two to Talk guidebook provides a step-by-step approach to turning every part of the day into an opportunity build language skills. The Companion DVD contains real-life examples of parents using It Takes Two to Talk strategies, providing a model for how to apply them effectively.


More Than Words® guidebook and DVD – For parents of children on the autism spectrum (birth – 5), More Than Words resources provide easy-to-use strategies for building communication and social skills during everyday routines and play.

TalkAbility™ Guidebook – This guidebook shows parents of verbal children (ages 3 – 7) with high-functioning autism, including Asperger Syndrome, how to use their child’s unique interests to help him develop a theory of mind and make friends more easily.

Make Play R.O.C.K.™ Booklet Series – This four-part booklet series helps parents of children with autism promote their child’s play skills during everyday interactions and play activities. Each booklet focuses on one critical aspect of play (people play, early toy play, and pretend play) and shows parents how they can effectively promote their child’s skills while having fun together.

Language and Literacy in the classroom:

Learning Language and Loving It™ guidebook and DVD — These resources show educators how to create the kinds of enriched language-learning environments that help all children learn, whether they’re typically developing, have or are at risk for language delays, or are second-language learners.

ABC and Beyond™ guidebook – This guidebook equips educators of children ages 3-5 with practical strategies for using book reading and everyday conversations and activities to promote the six building blocks of literacy: oral language, vocabulary, story comprehension, language of learning, print knowledge, and phonological awareness.

Language and Literacy at home:

I’m Ready!™ How to Prepare Your Child for Reading Success – This resource supports the critical role SLPs play in facilitating children’s emergent literacy development. Based on the most current research, I’m Ready! offers simple, practical guidance SLPs can share with parents to help them promote their child’s early literacy development.

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Product Showcase

ABC and Beyond

ABC and Beyond

This guidebook brings to life the most current research on promoting children’s emergent literacy in early childhood classrooms. With the goal of preparing preschool children to learn to read and write successfully, ABC and Beyond™ shows educators how they can build language and literacy learning naturally into everyday conversations and activities. By translating the most current research into user-friendly strategies for educators, ABC and Beyond addresses the various prerequisites of literacy, including vocabulary, story comprehension, decontextualized (abstract) language, print knowledge and phonological awareness. More than 120 color photographs and many easy-to follow charts with detailed, practical examples beautifully illustrate how the strategies are applied in real-life contexts. read more