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The Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI) objectively measures:

* tongue strength for tongue elevation
* lip compression strength
* endurance of the tongue and lip.

These measures aid professionals involved in the treatment and study of disorders affecting swallowing, speech, and eating by:

* objectively documenting deficits that justify treatment
* diagnostically differentiating between muscle weakness and problems of motor control
* motivating patients by showing them their progress from muscle exercise therapy.

How It Works

The IOPI measures the strength of the tongue by measuring the maximum pressure that an individual can produce in a disposable standard-sized tongue bulb by pressing the bulb against the roof of the mouth with the tongue "as hard as you can." The peak pressure achieved is displayed on a large, easy to read, LCD. The units displayed are kilopascals (kPa), using the internationally recognized unit of pressure, the Pascal. Standard values for normal tongue elevation strength exist, and are summarized on our website.