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Glottal Enterprises helps speech, voice, and singing research community with proven voice and speech measurement systems. Our products, found in universities and leading research centers worldwide, are based on more than 30 years of professional experience and innovative research in voice and speech measurement.

Glottal Enterprises was founded in 1981 by Martin Rothenberg, PhD, to offer other researchers the unique speech and voice measurement methods developed at the Speech Research Laboratory of Syracuse University. Glottal Enterprises products are largely based on Dr. Rothenbergs original research in speech, voice and language. His patented designs have brought researchers a broad line of tools, including the multichannel electroglottograph and aerodynamic measurement systems featuring the low distortion circumferentially vented mask developed by Dr. Rothenberg. Included are systems for voice measurement, as well as for the evaluation of nasality.

Product Showcase

Subglottal Pressure Monitor

Subglottal Pressure Monitor

Handheld device that estimates subglottal pressure during speech or singing.
The PG-20 and PG-60 are handheld, battery-operated devices that give real-time estimates of the subglottal pressure during speech or singing. Knowledge of the subglottal pressure driving the laryngeal voice source is very important in understanding the operation of the voice. The PG-20 and PG-60 uses an intraoral pressure interpolation technique to measure subglottal pressure non-invasively. To make it easier to record a meter reading, the unit has a HOLD function. Pushing and holding down the HOLD button during or just after an utterance will cause the meter reading to remain at the value it was at the instant the button was pushed.
The PG-20 measures up to 20 cm H2O and the PG-60 up to 60 cm H2O.
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