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Founded and run by a practicing speech-language pathologist, Say It Right develops and markets fun, motivating products for speech-language pathologists, educators, special educators, ESL instructors, and parents. Our award-winning product line, The Entire World of R, is a proven, research-based program for evaluating and treating the difficult /r/ phoneme. Every product in The Entire World of R suite, which includes screening kits, flip books, workbooks, software, playing cards, games, apps, and more, is phonetically consistent to R remediation.

Our series doesn't stop with treating /r/. We offer complete programs and practice materials for a wide range of articulation disorders, helping you get to the root of the problem. We specialize in /r/ articulation evaluationand treatment. Our full and varied line also includes materials that specialize in receptive and expressive language development, early intervention, language disorders, grammar, analytic reasoning, and therapy for autism and brain injuries. Our classroom-tested products are designed to engage and encourage students of all ages. For more information and a number of free, downloadable activity sheets, visit our website at:

Product Showcase

Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids

Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids

Combines the restorative and calming benefits of yoga with the powerful techniques of learning through movement.

This set of cards is an innovative combination of yoga postures and language development activities written specifically for preschool to early elementary aged children. ABC Yoga Cards for Kids blend the calming, restorative, and stimulating aspects of yogic movements with targeted developmentally appropriate learning goals.

Research shows that learning is significantly enhanced when movement is a part of the activity. Movement engages the senses and stimulates brain activity. The more the senses are engaged, the more learning occurs, and the information learned is better retained. Since yoga engages the body in the broadest range of movements, it is one of the most ideal disciplines to affect productive learning. As an individualistic and non-competitive exercise, yoga, unlike many other games and sports for children, allows all individuals the opportunity to participate. Participation in yoga has a variety of benefits for children including:

Builds confidence and self-esteem
Increases physical flexibility (required by all sports)
Raises awareness of the importance of good health and posture
Promotes effective techniques (such as breathing) for managing stress.
ABC Yoga Cards for Kids are beneficial to educators, specialists, yoga instructors, families, and children.

Educators, including specialists, can use ABC Yoga Cards for Kids to integrate yogic movements within their educational curricula. The cards facilitate a wide range of movements and can be applied to a broad set of associated learning goals, including vocabulary development, phonemic awareness, basic concepts, sequencing skills, comprehension, and direction following.

Click here to read "25 Reasons Why Yoga and Speech-Language Pathology Go Together"

Yoga instructors can use ABC Yoga Cards for Kids to introduce yoga to children and to practice various movements of yoga. Each of the yoga cards offers child-friendly poses with ties to specific educational and language activities. Students will not only receive the calming and restorative benefits of yoga, but they will be learning as well!

Parents can use ABC Yoga Cards for Kids to create a calming exercise sequence and also support early learning activities for preschool and primary educational goals. These exercises and activities are something the whole family can do together.

And lastly, but most importantly, students reap the benefits of the combined learning activities and yoga exercises.

Click here for a FREE sample of Ocean Breath Pose.

There are 26 paired cards (52 Cards in all), each has a posture corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Each posture is comprised of a pair of cards, one for the child and one for the adult. The cards for children have a large colorful illustration of the pose on the face. The reverse side of the card describes the benefits of the posture and provides verbal cues for correctly forming the pose. All card are color-coded and labeled for easy arrangement of activity. Ages 2+
The Entire World of R

The Entire World of R

What is The Entire World of R™?

The Entire World of R™ is a proven research-based program for evaluating and
treating the difficult /r/ phoneme. The program comprises a complete suite of
products designed to meet your specific /r/ remediation needs.

If you are reading this, you already know that /r/ (also known as vocalic R,
R-controlled vowels, or vowel-R), is a difficult, elusive, and frustrating sound
to treat. According to a recent survey of over 100 speech-language pathologists
(SLPs), /r/ is one of the most difficult tasks on their caseloads. The reasons
they gave; lack of good training and lack of a comprehensive strategy...until

The Entire World of R™ approach is to evaluate and treat /r/ phonologically,
based on word position and individual sound. Phonetically, /r/ has 8 distinct
vocalic variations: /ar/, /air/, /ear/, /ire/, /or/, /er/, /rl/, and prevocalic
/r/. Separated further by initial, medial, and final word positions, there are
21 different types of /r/ in total.

The ability to separate the /r/ into its most basic phonetic components and word
positions--phonetic consistency--is the key for successful remediation. No other
remediation program targets the basic components of /r/ like The Entire World of
R™. If the clinician can correctly evaluate which /r/ phoneme and word
position is causing difficulty for the student, then a targeted remediation
strategy can be employed. Just as one uses different exercise machines in a gym
to work on different muscle groups, so should articulation therapy for /r/
address each of the 8 sounds in each of the word positions.

Consider the sample word list: car, fear, four, butter, software. Now compare
with a list from our /air/ final words; millionaire, square, stare, tear, pear.

Read both word lists aloud. Even the untrained ear can tell the difference
immediately. The first list, from materials of what we consider the
"traditional" method has no phonetic consistency. The strength of The
Entire World of R™ phonologic approach is that only one phoneme and its word
position is targeted at a time. For more information on /r/ strategy and
techniques, click here.

The Entire World of R™ is proven effective. In a follow-up study after a
training session, 27 out of 28 SLPs responded (96%) that they considered that
the phonemic methodology of The Entire World of R™ had proven to be effective
in their therapy. Over half (53%) had dismissed at least one /r/ disorder child
from their caseload within 6 months. In rating how much their /r/ students had
improved as a result of implementing phonemic /r/ remediation strategies, the
mean grade of the SLPs was 8.22 (on a 10 point scale, 1=no improvement, 10=great
improvement). Most persuasive is that all 24 SLPs that had used at least one
Entire World of R™ product said they would recommend it to other SLPs.

Click here for more
information on The Entire World of R™



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