WCI - Weitbrecht Communications, Inc.

WCI is the nation's largest distributor of assistive listening devices, alerting systems, text telephones, and other equipment for people with hearing loss. The company specializes in helping speech and hearing-care professionals enhance their practice by offering add-on assistive devices at extremely competitive prices.

Named in honor of Dr. Robert Weitbrecht, inventor of the first text telephone, WCI (Weitbrecht Communications, Inc.) has a long-standing tradition of expertise in communications technologies -- ranging from amplified telephones and personal listening devices to signaling systems and signaling systems.

The company has been recognized for its exceptional customer service, sensitivity to and awareness of issues relating to people with hearing loss, and its commitment to providing top-quality equipment. WCI works extensively with state equipment distribution programs, consumer advocacy groups, government agencies, and audiologists across the country to increase accessibility for all individuals.

WCI offers hundreds of items to choose from, each carefully selected for exceptional quality and backed by a knowledgeable support team. Depending on the hearing-care provider's needs, WCI offers customized programs at various levels to help each practice better serve its clients.