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Company Profile
APP2Speak™ is an augmentative and alternative communication application for iPad and iPad mini, to help adults who have difficulty expressing their wants, needs and activities of daily living to family, friends and others around them.

The application contains 80 preset communication needs and wants. Each page displays 20 pictures with words. Each selection provides speech output for word and phrase describing a want or need. The page size can be easily adjusted for visual difficulties; sizes include 4x5 or 2x10 (columns x rows). The pages can be swiped up, down or left and right to switch between pages. A male or female voice is available.

Customized pages are endless and easy to create by selecting the customizing button. Speech Pathologists, family and friends are able to upload pictures from their personal photo library, Internet (with wireless Internet connection) or take picture with iPad or iPad mini and save on custom page(s), label picture, select text to speech or use own speech for voice output. Share your custom pages with other APP2Speak™ users through an enabled Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

The learning curve is short, even for the less technical-savvy person. Once APP2Speak™ is set up, it is easier than a cell phone to use. Simply described, APP2Speak™ is an alternative method to help adults communicate following medical event such as stroke. This product has the potential to function as a recovery tool and help adults regain speech. It is an inexpensive application that features both a custom and universal selection of communication images. The words and phrases are spoken by a preprogrammed male or female voice with the option for adding a personalized voice on the custom pages.

Current Format
iPad, iPad Mini, iOS 7.1.2 or later

•4 preset pages of photos, words and speech output for instant communication
• 2 options for size of picture/photo
• Option for male or female voice
• Text to speech
• Personal recorded voice
• Endless pages of customization using your personal photo library, Internet pictures or take custom photo within APP2Speak™ and save in separate album folder created for APP2Speak™
•Allows custom pages to be shared through an enabled Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection
•Backup and recovery of custom shared pages


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